Why You Should Work Exclusively With One Recruiter

Joe Henry
14.08.18 11:18 AM Comment(s)

Why You Should Work Exclusively With One Recruiter

The recruitment process is one of the biggest challenge for any business, team or organisation - hours spent writing job descriptions, after work interviews and filtering through bad applications are both laborious and stressful. 

Just one of the many benefits of using a recruiter is streamlining these processes. However, many decision-makers may feel they can get better results, quicker, by sending out the brief to multiple recruitment agencies at once. In reality, this is counterproductive – human resources teams would benefit considerably more from signing an exclusivity deal with their recruitment agency.

What is exclusivity?

Rather than having multiple agencies scrabbling to find you a candidate quickly, exclusivity calls for business owners to work solely with one recruiter for an agreed time period. This will involve a thorough briefing session to allow the recruiter to understand not just the role but your business values in general, which in turn will guide them in choosing candidates.

Following this briefing, an exclusivity contract will see the recruiter going beyond simply sending over CVs; they will provide constant updates and give you a deeper insight into the candidates themselves. All of this will be done in line with your agreed timescales and KPIs, and your recruiter will also provide feedback to help you have a better understanding of the market and your own hiring processes.

Why exclusivity will work for you

It might sound obvious, but agreeing an exclusivity contract with your recruiter will immediately build up a mutual trust and will encourage them to give you the best service. This will help in myriad ways, including:

Saving time

Your exclusive recruiter will likely already have a process and their own thorough selection processes, from a core database to industry networks and even social media. This will save you time sifting through CVs and conducting interviews that should have been left at the door. Moreover, you’ll have more time for more extensive interviews to help you really understand the candidate.


Exclusivity places the onus on the recruiter, not you, to choose only the most appropriate candidates. Better still, a specialised recruiter will have increased knowledge of the market and will be able to advise on how this candidate can improve your business. An exclusive recruiter is solely accountable for the quality of your candidate, meaning you can provide better feedback and not waste time flitting between agencies.

Quality over quantity

When multiple recruiters are all recruiting for the same job, there is an essence of speed rather than quality. Allay your fears over a longer refinery process – it is better to get a candidate who has been thoroughly vetted via one recruiter’s strict selection process, than to receive 10 CVs that came through to the recruiters that morning.

Additional perks

Loyal recruitment agencies reward loyal clients. After building up your mutual trust, not only will you have unlimited access to a vast range of resources, you may also be introduced to additional tools such as video interviews and psychometric tests.

Why exclusivity will work for the candidate

The element of trust is not limited to the hirer alone– candidates who have had a happier hiring experience will perform better and have more faith in their new employer.

Feeling valued

Every candidate wants to feel special when applying for a job. If they are offered the same role by multiple recruiters, this immediately places distrust in their prospective employer and may deter them from carrying on. Your candidates’ personal details will also be kept confidential and will not be accessible to multiple recruiters without their consent.

Not feeling overwhelmed

Roles in the public relations industry are notoriously competitive, so candidates may be feeling overwhelmed when they are approached by so many recruiters. An exclusive recruiter will already have gone through a large volume of prospects before reaching their selected candidates, meaning they can dedicate more time to them without making them feel pressured to accept.

Better interviewing processes

Again, with less pressure, candidates can enjoy a longer, more thorough interview and know they are not competing with as many people (many of whom may not be the right fit). This will ensure they get to know the company better and answer any questions straight away – ideal for decision-making and crucial for a happy start in a new role. 

Saving human resources and hiring managers time, reducing staff turnover are all part of the added value that exclusivity brings. By partnering with Westminster Search, you'll have access to expert knowledge across the Public Relations, Public Affairs and Property Professional sectors.

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